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Sr. CAT Modeler (Wildfire)

Mitiga Solutions

Mitiga Solutions

Barcelona, Spain
Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2024

Our mission

Climate change is causing deep uncertainty at all levels of society, with climate volatility reducing the security of all land-based assets and posing a multi-level security threat for the functioning of enterprises, societies, and governments.

Mitiga is a spinoff of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, which hosts MareNostrum, one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe.

Mitiga's mission is firmly rooted in employing cutting-edge science and technology to mitigate the multifaceted risks posed by climate-driven perils. Our approach spans a spectrum of temporal scales, from real-time and annual forecasts to projections spanning the next century. This comprehensive perspective on risk, coupled with our capacity to transfer risks to capital markets via catastrophe bonds, positions us to significantly contribute to enhanced climate mitigation, resilience, and equity.

And we need you.


As a Senior CAT Modeler Wildfire, your expertise will be pivotal in advancing our comprehension and simulation methodologies for wildfire hazards. Leveraging your deep knowledge of wildfire science and your ability to collaborate effectively with atmospheric and climate experts, you will contribute significantly to the development of robust methodologies and models aimed at assessing and managing wildfire risk. Your background, including a PhD in a technologically related field or environmental sciences, positions you well for this task. Statistical proficiency is crucial for analyzing wildfire data and refining models. This position will enable you to add substantial contributions to the field. Your experience in catastrophe modeling further enhances your capability to address the specific needs of upcoming products. Your work will directly influence our ability to model, simulate and design products and tools to respond to the increasing challenges posed by wildfires, thereby enhancing resilience and minimizing the socio-economic impacts of these natural disasters.


Go-to Expertise in Wildfire Science:

As a go-to expert, you’d provide comprehensive insights into fire behavior, ecology, and the impact of climate and atmospheric drivers on wildfire hazard and risk.

Understanding fire behavior involves studying how fires spread, their intensity, and the factors that influence them. For instance, wind, temperature, and fuel availability play crucial roles.

The influence of climate and atmospheric conditions on wildfires is essential. For example, drought, heat, and wind can dry out vegetation, making it more susceptible to ignition

Support Methodology Development:

You’d contribute to defining scientific and technical methodologies for wildfire research.

Addressing limitations and exploring advancements ensures that wildfire science remains effective and relevant.

Refining fire-related products involves integrating the latest research findings into practical tools for fire managers and landowners.

Bridge between Disciplines:

Acting as a liaison between wildfire science and atmospheric/climate experts is crucial.

Collaboration ensures a holistic understanding of wildfire dynamics. For instance, understanding how weather patterns influence fire behavior is essential.

Facilitating communication with technical developers, marketing teams, and others ensures that research findings translate into actionable solutions.

Proactivity and Ownership:

Leading or co-leading committed projects demonstrates initiative and ownership.

Active participation with research institutions and universities fosters knowledge exchange and keeps you informed about cutting-edge developments.

Expertise in writing grant proposals and delivering project tasks is valuable for securing funding and achieving ongoing project goals.

Remember that wildfire science is multidisciplinary, and your expertise will contribute significantly to managing and mitigating wildfire risks. 🔥🌿🌎