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Industry & Business: Market Study & Implementation of Machine Learning-based vision systems in manufacturing lines



Software Engineering
Posted on Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Industry & Business: Market Study & Implementation of Machine Learning-based vision systems in manufacturing lines

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Gilberto Loureiro
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May 21, 2021 11:37 AM
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🔍 What we're looking for

We are looking for an accountable, passionate & energetic person with a hands-on mindset to join our Business & Engineering departments. Multiple technical skills might be required such as technical drawing, optics, mechanics, statistics, electricity / electronics, data mining, data visualisation and others.
The activities will be performed in Portugal and evolving operations all over the World, leading with a diverse group of people for a plethora of topics every day.
This project will require high frequency communication with external entities such as manufacturing facilities (production managers, business managers), vendors, clients and related staff.

👇 Responsibilities

Analyse & calculate the impact of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence in the business metrics of multiple industries (special focus on roll-to-roll industries)
Impact on QC processes
Impact on HR management
Impact on lead times
Impact on the business product positioning / marketing / communication
Impact on sector standard regulamentations
Impact on companies the bottom line
Evaluate & analyse the technical requirements of such implementation in production lines
Problem solving and mechanical assessment for camera systems applied in industrial equipments
Manufactured material analysis (defects categorisation, spectral analysis, reflectivity, etc)
Create & build testers and small-scale simulators in the lab
Extra goal: Implement a POC on one of the analysed industries based on the conclusions of the previous work
Hands-on implementation of camera systems (mechanical, electrical, optical assessments, calibration and start the detection mode in-site)
Create a business case study regarding such implementations

🛠️ Skills & Experience

Hands-on technical & business mindset
Fluent in English
Nice to have: Communication skills
Nice to have: Reporting & writing skills
Nice to have: Familiarity with the industrial facilities

🏆 What we offer

💸 We provide paid internships;
🚀 Possibility of entering into a growing hiring company;
🍪🍉☕ Office perks like free snacks, fruit, coffee, etc;
🏡 Flexible Schedule & Remote work for some activities;
🧗 Freedom to provide and execute new ideas out of the scope;
🐶 🐈 Bring your dog or cat to the office.

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