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Head of Hardware Growth



Other Engineering, Sales & Business Development
Porto, Portugal
Posted on Saturday, July 22, 2023

Head of Hardware Growth

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Hardware Engineering
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May 15, 2023
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🔍 What we're looking for

As Head of Growth (Hardware) at, your key objective is to improve hardware reliability and resilience to support our scalability in the textile industry. You will collaborate with our engineering and product teams to identify potential hardware issues and develop strategies to resolve them. Additionally, you will need to ensure that our hardware meets the necessary standards of durability and quality to provide customers with a reliable product.


Work closely with the hardware development team to define the requirements for the product's resilience, considering factors like environmental conditions, usage scenarios, and potential failure modes. This is specifically focused on the development of new product versions.
Develop a resilience architecture for the product, taking into account the various components and their interactions, and defining backup systems and failover mechanisms to minimize the risk of failure.
Develop and execute test plans to validate the resilience of the product, including tests for extreme environmental conditions, and hardware failure scenarios.
Collaborate with the continuous improvement engineer to review and refine the resilience architecture and test plans over time, based on feedback from real-world usage and testing.
Collaboration with the Field Engineering team in order to understand our customer’s systems on which we install the Smartex devices, in order to create reliability specifications for the Hardware Development team.
Work with external suppliers and partners to ensure that their products and components meet the resilience requirements for integration into Smartex’s products.
Identifying the certification requirements for the product and working with the hardware development team to ensure that the design and testing processes meet those requirements.
Collaborating with third-party certification bodies to initiate and complete the certification process, which may involve submitting documentation and test results, and participating in on-site audits or inspections.

🛠️ Skills & Experience

Background in Electrical Engineering
+ 5 years of similar experience
Previous experience with Certification Processes and working with third-party certification bodies
Knowledge of testing equipment and testing labs in general
Fluency in English
Not being afraid of dirty hands work

🏆 What we offer

Employee stock options
Career and salary progression attached to periodic goals
Health insurance
Salary package according to experience & skills
A dynamic work environment in a fast-growing company
Working with an inspiring, diverse, talented team
Office & home perks (home set up, office snacks, fruit, coffee, pet friendly, etc.)
Hybrid-friendly work policies
Opportunity to make a real impact in the World — change the state of the art

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